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Create stunning monochromatic images in Photoshop CS4,
Photoshop Lightroom and beyond

BLACK and WHITE in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Lightroom
by Leslie Alsheimer
with Bryan O'Neil Hughes

"This book is absolutely awesome. It's so well organized and the screenshots make it very easy to follow along. It walks you through a total end to end workflow in photoshop and lightroom (which I love) from understanding exposure, setting up the workspace in photoshop, b/w conversion steps and even printing! It's also filled with beautiful, inspiring images. Once you understand the basic concepts, you can be so much more creative with your's helped me turn ordinary images into something classic (everything looks better in black and white!). I seriously recommend this book for anyone trying to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to create stunning black and white images. Kudos to the authors for demystifying the process." -Laurie Bird , May 12, 2009

* 5 stars A bible!
This is the bible of Black and White Photography, the book is translated to spanish, but I prefer the English edition. Hi Recommended!!!!
- Javier Herrero Valle, May 5, 2009

* 5 stars Excellent book
- highly recommended!

BLACK and WHITE in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Lightroom
by Leslie Alsheimer
with Bryan O'Neil Hughes

“Anyone who’s serious about squeezing the very best quality out of their black and white photography using Adobe products must have this book. It will help make you a better photographer.”
—George Jardine, Adobe, Pro Photography Evangelist

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"Not only one of the best books I've read on the subject, but one of the best books I've read period! Everything is explained is such a why you can't help but understand it. If you're even remotely serious about photography you NEED this book. The chapter on the histogram is worth the price of admission alone! I honestly feel like it's made me a better photographer. Don't hesitate to check it out!"
—Zachary Miklich, Nashville, TN

"This is now on my list of highly recommended books for digital photography educators. Leslie Alsheimer has a wonderful, comforting, sometimes lighthearted tone to her writing. Her ability to communicate shows that she is an experienced teacher. She teaches digital photography workshops in Santa Fe. And she is a very inspiring photographer as well. She obviously took great care in preparing every chapter and choosing every photo. This is a book by an artist, not just someone who has expensive equipment and likes to take photos and work in Photoshop.

I have not only improved the quality of my own photography after reading this book, but I find myself remembering many of her tips when the time comes to approach a subject with my students. If you are an intermediate to advanced user of Photoshop, you will still find new ideas here. I especially appreciate that she starts right off by discussing workflow instead of making it an afterthought.

I had trouble putting the book down. And when I was done, I realized I had learned as much about color digital photography as black and white. You don't necessarily need the CS3 version to use this information, and Lightroom is a small part of the process."
—Anne Pfeiffer, Art Educator

"Your book is great. It is in the league with the late Bruce Fraser's publications.
The way you combined the asthetic and technical perspectives is unsurpassed."
— Richard Pratt

"I have a bunch of Photoshop and Lightroom books but yours is overwhelmingly the very best. Congratulations!"
—Leo Skogstroem, Pyttis, Finland

"I bought your book, and simply put, it's awesome!

I learned more about photoshop in the three days I spent studying your book than I did in the 5 years playing around with it on my own. Your coverage of Color Management solved many issues I'd been having in trying to get the printed image to look like what I was seeing on my monitor. What I learned from you is that I was doing just about everything wrong with regards to capture and destructive editing. I have now completely changed both my pre- and post production work flow habits with amazing results.

As a writer and small-publisher, I give you many kudos on creating a book that is by all accounts a real home run."
—Rick Miller, Falls Church, Virginia

"BEST Photoshop & Workflow text ever written! Not Just about Black & White! This book is not just about Black & White. This is probably the BEST book EVER written on Photoshop! This book is not only a well integrated and thorough coverage of Black & White Conversion and output methods, but also one of the most amazing photographic Workflows ever outlined in a Photoshop text for using Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom from capture to output.

This book is written in a light-hearted easy to follow manner, directed towards creative users...not tech heads! This is by far the BEST technical book I have ever read on Photoshop , to date ( not just for black & White...and I have a tone of Photoshop books!).

It is rare to find so many wonderful images in a 'How To' book. This author is clearly a photgrapher, not just a tech head with an amazing ability to simplify complex processes and concepts and present them in easy to follow methods for creative users. This is the most user-friendly text I have ever put my hands on. Kudos to the authors!

Not just about Black & White ..but a text for anyone needing a real life Workflow integration for Digital capture through Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom!"

— Rudolfo "Castellano" (London)

"I just wanted to write and say this is one of the best books I have ever read! I got it today and have spent all night reading it (it's about 1 am now) and I'm almost half way through it. Everything makes so much more sense now. I just wanted to tell you great job! It has gotten me more excited about photography in six hours than otherwise in the last six years!

I really like you're style and would like to "relearn" photography with your way of explaining. Thank you so much for writing this book. It's the first time I've been impressed enough with a product to write the maker and thank them."
—Zachary Miklich
Nashville, TN

"Long story short this is probably the best book that anyone in the digital world should put their hand to, it is far from being only about BW."
—Patrick Lavoie patron

"I am halfway through your new book on B&W in CS 3 and LR and I want to compliment you on a clear and concise treatise on CS3 and LR and your integrated workflow. Again, congratulations on an excellent book!"
— Jeff Peters

"I am enjoying your new book "Black and White". It is rare to find so many wonderful images in a 'How To' book."
—Robert Sachs

"I wish that I can tell you how I appreciate your contribution to making the digital darkroom something that I have fell in love with. Up to now I have used various books and sources: bits here and bits there. I have actually build up quite a library.
No one particular reference book addressed the B+W worker with some basic understanding of Photoshop. You have produced something that fills this gap, and which is written and illustrated in a remarkable manner.

I hail from the chemical darkroom, and as such have never really enjoyed correcting images on the computer. Photoshop, which is my program of choice, is quite intimidatig, and the haphazard way in which I learned my skills from various sources, reflected in the inconsistent results that I was producing. Well, now all have changed. At least - something good is happening. I hope that you make a killing with your book - you deserve to! Keep abreast of the distant 'also-runners' by releasing updates as the technology changes."
—Andre du Plessis
(South African, living in London)

"Black And White In Photoshop CS3 And Lightroom explains in clear and easy to understand steps what it takes to generate quality black and white images using Photoshop and/or Lightroom. It is really geared for the intermediate to advanced user who is looking to understand both workflow and color management techniques.

There are a number of thing that I like about Black And White In Photoshop CS3 And Lightroom. First, I like the fact that it takes you down a number of paths on creating black and white images. It doesn't just say this is the best way and so that is all you learn. Second, I like the step-by-step approach to guide you through what you need to do to get results like this.

I think that if you want to become a master of Black and White photography then Black And White In Photoshop CS3 And Lightroom is highly recommended reading."
—T. Michael Testi
Published January 25, 2008
Part of The Enlightened Image

"As an increasingly keen, at times obsessive, but ageing amateur, specialising in trees and landscapes, I have taught myself CS3 and Lightroom and have avidly and analytically read a number of books, primarily by Scott Kelby and Martin Evening. Whilst they are excellent, I find your book the most balanced and plainly written - you assume there is a minimum level of knowledge, but give requisite clues just in case that assumption is misplaced, but also give clear signposts for experimentation.

Again, very many thanks - I am determined to become a competent and skilled photographer and am very tempted to holiday in Santa Fe to experience a workshop."

—Tim O'Brien Isle of Bute Scotland

"I have been reading your book and find it one of the best I have encountered. Your writing and presentation are true to your mission to make the content understandable to the practicing photographer who only wants to get on with the creative process. I have been a Pshop user since Version 3 and have taken classes etc.. but for some reason your book is resonating with me more than others have. Most especially I am blown away by your images. They are so beautiful."

Sallie Kravetz


Features & Benefits

• Learn from step-by-step tutorials and work through each conversion with clear, easy-to-follow instructions illustrated by a multitude of images and screengrabs
• Maximize image quality in capture and output with professional tips and tricks for speeding up your workflow
• Save time and learn professional techniques to creatively and technically improve your black and white photography and printmaking


Black and white photography has come a long way in the digital world. Feeling overwhelmed by the endless conversion options in (and around) Photoshop, Lightroom and beyond? If so, you’re not alone, and this is definitely the book for you!

In this thoroughly up-to-date book that covers all of the new features of Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom, you'll learn how to use methods within an application or raw converter, scripts, plug-ins, and more. Leslie Alsheimer and Bryan O'Neil Hughes show you everything you need to know to uncover the secrets to successful black and white conversion and printmaking. Let the stunning images (presented in both color and black and white) show you just what is possible when you master these powerful tools.


Seeing in black and white; Traditional methods of black and white conversion; Updates to existing methods for Photoshop CS3; Stand-alone black and white conversion utility; Photoshop Lightroom black and white conversion methods; Methods of conversion beyond Photoshop; Other applications for black and white conversions; Printing black and white from Photoshop; Printing black and white from Photoshop Lightroom; Other cool stuff.

Seeing in black and white
Traditional methods of black and white conversion
Updates to existing methods for Photoshop CS3
Stand-alone black and white conversion utility
Photoshop Lightroom black and white conversion methods
Methods of conversion beyond Photoshop
Other applications for black and white conversions
Printing black and white from Photoshop
Printing black and white from Photoshop Lightroom
Other cool stuff


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